Sunday , 16 June 2019

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Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez Hit High Notes in This Week’s Celebrity Best Dressed List

In a week that was well-versed in contrast, flowy silhouettes and more formfitting fare both found traction. There were notable fashions out of Paris, but not from the various star-packed Fall 2015 front rows like you may be thinking. Bold looks were the norm with celebs attempting to make a real splash in over-the-top outfits. Patterns were definitely popular, ranging ... Read More »

Sultry Silhouettes Spice Up This Week’s Celebrity Best Dressed List

From fabrics that cling in all the right places to revealing necklines and midriff-flaunting pieces, the stars really turned up the sex appeal this week. Sure, the Oscars, its after-parties and the Brit Awards delivered in the va-va-voom department, but several other red carpets served up some unexpectedly eye-catching offerings. Color was definitely trending as were bold patterns that seemed ... Read More »

Variety Rules This Week’s Celebrity Best Dressed List

The looks featured in this list are of a pretty eclectic nature. From floral-covered suits to a sculpted crop top and skirt combo, celebs didn’t follow any predetermined patterns on the red carpet. Neutrals remained popular, but intense jolts of color made appearances at several events. Even with the SAG Awards and the haute couture shows over in Paris dominating ... Read More »

Color Nabs the Spotlight in This Week’s Celebrity Best Dressed List

Color clearly dominated the red carpet this week. Even when select stars went for more neutral shades like black, strategic pops of blue, green and other bold hues were still visibly present. Structure and embellishments also played big roles as celebs looked for any way to get an edge on the designer-clad competition. Read More »