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Pills Dissolve in macro

Pills Dissolve in macro     Medical pills dissolve in water under macro lens Macro Room – Subscribe for weekly videos! Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Starting Ballet as an Adult

I think it’s safe to say that ballet is having a moment lately, and not in a pink tulle kind of way. Think Misty Copeland’s Under Armour ad or the David LaChapelle-directed video of Sergei Polunin dancing to Hozier’s “Take Me To Church.” Contrary to what stock images and the #ballet hashtag on Instagram may suggest, this isn’t about delicate waifs — ... Read More »

Don’t Believe the Hype: Medical Studies Aren’t Always Based on Science

It’s human nature to want more for less. Who wouldn’t want to work out fewer hours a week while still losing weight or drink copious amounts of wine while still being healthy? The media knows this. Often when a study is published that caters to most people’s innate affinity for laziness, it’s pushed to the forefront. Unfortunately, most of the ... Read More »

Can You Actually Be TOO Healthy?

Celebrity dietitian, MS, RD and founder of F-Factor Tanya Zuckerbrot has built an empire helping high-powered New Yorkers (who shell out $10,000-plus) shed major pounds. But she also recognizes that there’s such a thing as too healthy. “It’s always possible to have too much of a good thing, even when it comes to your health,” Zuckerbrot explains. “The term for focusing ... Read More »

Sugar Doesn’t Actually Cause Cavities: 5 Dental Myths Debunked

Before you spend that extra dollar on a whitening toothpaste, you may want to read this. It turns out, you can’t believe everything you read on a product label (shocking, we know). We spoke with New York-based cosmetic dentist Dr. Marc Lowenberg who busted this dental myth and a few more commonly held ideas. Who knew a dentist could have us ... Read More »

7 Healthy Bites for the Holidays and Beyond

Eggnog, fried potato pancakes and creamy pies aren’t exactly good for anyone’s waistline and while we all deserve to indulge from time to time, holiday bites don’t need to be unhealthy to taste delicious. Here’s a look at some mouthwatering good-for-you nibbles for the holidays and beyond. Read More »

Health Benefits of Honey

These days, honey is proving to be more than just a sweet treat to drizzle over yogurt, pancakes, or toast. It’s also good medicine. Of course, sometimes this nectar of the bees benefits are a bit overhyped. So here’s a quick recap on how honey can and can’t improve health. Wound Healer: Yes. A huge body of research confirms honey ... Read More »

Surprise! There’s More Sugar in Your Diet Than You Realized

We all know that cookies and candy are laden with sugar—not news. But what is surprising (and a little disturbing) is just how much of the sweet stuff is in everything else! You may think you’re being healthy, but you may as well chomp down on a Snickers bar. Foods labeled fat-free or low-calorie are particularly prone to having high ... Read More »

Comfort Food Classics Get a Healthy Makeover

A Healthier Quiche: Kale and Goat Cheese Muffins (makes 12 muffins), The Fat Radish 2 tablespoons butter, plus extra for the tin 2 cups milk 1⁄2 pound kale, roughly chopped 2 eggs 2 teaspoons baking soda 2 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon salt A pinch of cayenne 2 cups flour 1⁄4 cup soft goat cheese 1⁄4 cup coarsely grated Parmesan ... Read More »

How to Make H2O More Interesting: 10 Flavored Water Recipes You’ll Love

It’s nearly February — do you know where your New Year’s resolutions are? It’s famously a time to reassess habits and try to improve them for the better. If one of your 2015 goals was to eat a little healthier or stay hydrated — we got you. Right now, we’re obsessing over flavored waters. It’s a delicious way to introduce ... Read More »