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10 Things Only Shoe Addicts Will Understand

Do you foam at the mouth while you unwrap a pristine pair of Miu Miu platforms? Do you consider the Jimmy Choo daily newsletter serious reportage? And do you laugh at the amateurs who can’t spell Manolo Blahnik? Then you might be a shoe addict. Care to test yourself? Here’s a list of 10 things only a true shoe addict will ... Read More »

The 6 Shoe Trends You Need This Spring

Say what you’d like about runway trends, but we believe that no good #OOTD is complete without an attention-grabbing, show-stopping, bar-setting pair of shoes. And the Spring 2015 runway shows were simply packed with gorgeous flats, midi-heels and skyscraper pumps. Now that spring has sprung in real time, we culled together our favorite looks from the New York, London, Milan ... Read More »

Red and Silver Accessories to Update Your Spring Look

If New York City’s recent temperature spike is any indication, then my spring wardrobe is about to come out of hibernation. Finally, I can tuck away my gloves, scarves and heavy winter coats, and bust out dresses sans tights, and high heels that aren’t some sort of boot. After heading to my local Macy’s (yes, the amazing, over-the-top Herald Square location), ... Read More »

Fringe: Not Just for Festivals This Spring

Call us conspiracy theorists, but we’re pretty convinced that the dire state of music festival fashion is the entire reason fringe is making a comeback. How many times can you wear a DIY fringed crop top? The answer: Zero. And what’s with those stringy fringe necklaces that look exactly like our missing hair extensions from 2001? They’re just creepy, folks. This season, ... Read More »

Spring Serves Fashion Sunny-Side Up

 It’s time to celebrate, people. Tomorrow, March 20, marks the official first day of spring. And you know what that means. You’re about to see fashion slink out of the shade and into the sunnier side of life. For Spring 2015, there was one color that dominated above all others — yellow. Designers like Oscar de la Renta, Naeem Khan and Lela Rose popped ... Read More »

Spring Trends to Start Wearing NOW

No matter what Punxsutawney Phil says, Old Man Winter always ends up looking like that socially awkward houseguest who lingers around long after the music has stopped. Newsflash, buddy: The party is over. Everyone’s ready for warmer weather, so let’s get on with it already, OK? Instead of waiting on temperatures that toggle between picnic-perfect and polar vortex, we’ve decided to get ... Read More »

18 Street Style Snaps to Inspire Your Spring Look

It kind of seems like spring will never come, doesn’t it? But come it must. With the change of seasons comes a change in fashion, of course. And because winter has been oh so long, we won’t fault you for needing just a little bit more inspiration to get your springtime look just right. Today, we look Today, we look ... Read More »

Local Designers Impress at Fashion Palette’s Spring 15 Show

Fashion Palette presented the ART of Fashion designer catwalk at Sydney’s Art Gallery of NSW last night, March 10, with 13 local labels showcasing Spring 15 designs down the runway in front of a star-studded guest list. Nicola Finetti kicked things off with playful barbie-pink asymmetrical dresses, followed by headwear extraordinaire Viktoria Novak’s royal-themed crown collection, and Aqua Blu and ... Read More »

Thigh-Split Maxi Dresses: The Love List

Maxi dresses are meant to be a flattering silhouette, but sometimes you can feel a bit trapped in all the material. The good news is you can free yourself with a thigh split, which lets your legs move unimpeded as you go about your day. You can go for the tight-fitting sexy approach to show a little leg, or a looser ... Read More »

15 Fashion Blogs You Need to Follow in 2015

With top tier fashion bloggers raking in upwards of $1 million, the competition is hot on their trail. Every Tom, Dick and Jane from Minneapolis to Bondi Beach, Australia, wants a piece of the sartorial pie, but there’s only so much to go around. And who can blame them? To find out who’s really in the running to take it to the next ... Read More »