Saturday , 17 August 2019

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Balenciaga Sandals, Bourbon Fragrances and Bones: The Love List

We’re feeding our addictions, in every way possible. From bourbon and sweet-tea fragrances to, yes, bone marrow, it’s all about indulging. Can anyone have too much Demeulemeester? We think not. Or the perfect chunky sandal for the inevitable warm weather (it will come, we swear)? Find out what we’re buying and wanting in this week’s edition of The Love List. Read More »

An On Demand Cobbler Concierge Service for Our Shoes

There are three things we’ve always wished for: world peace, unlimited frequent flyer miles and an on demand cobbler who could cater to our every whim. Today, one of those wishes has come true. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Cobbler Concierge, a bespoke luxury shoe and handbag service that delivers straight to your door. Now, before you get all up in arms ... Read More »

What to Wear (and What NOT to Wear) to Coachella

There are only a few reasons you go to Coachella: you either love the lineup, like the party or can’t get enough of the fashion (or, all of the above!). No matter why you’re there, though, there are certain style rules that apply to everyone. So pull your bags out, and please don’t just play it by ear. That would ... Read More »

10 Stylish Rain Boots You’ll Want to Wear Rain or Shine

April showers? Huh, who are we kidding? Rain is a 12-month affair. And there’s only one magical invention that has the power to make or break a soggy commute: Rain boots. To get equipped for a downpour, you’re going to need a pair of sturdy, rubber shoes that will get you from point A to point B without a hitch. Just make ... Read More »

Cult Handbags, Versatile Chokers and More: The Love List

Why do we always want what we can’t have? Case in point: one of our editors is dreaming of a faux version of a covetable fur shoe, while another can’t wait to get her hands on the sold-out-everywhere (but coming in May, fingers crossed!) cult handbag of the season. Sigh. Not everything is out of reach, though. Find out what we’re ... Read More »

Gorgeous Wedding Dresses for the Bride on a Budget

If you’ve ever choked while eyeballing the average cost of a wedding or mumbled a string of profane four-letter words while price-tagging the racks at Kleinfeld, then congratulations: You’re a budget bride. Welcome to the world where “for richer or for poorer” isn’t a promise, it’s a reality. But, wait! There’s no need to wave the white flag and hightail it to ... Read More »

Spring Into These Shoe Looks for Less

If you’re like us, then your idea of spring cleaning your closet is throwing those heavy winter boots as far to the back as they’ll go. How about a little warm-weather footwear inspiration to get you motivated? We’ve got our eye on the newest sandals and sneakers spotted on runways, celebrity style-setters and fashion editors, featuring must-have trends for the ... Read More »

On Your Feet All Day? Here’s What to Look for in a Heel

We have a love-hate relationship with high heels. According to a study published in 2014 by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), 71 percent of American women surveyed said high heels were the biggest culprit for their foot pain, followed by barefoot running shoes (27 percent), boots (26 percent), flats (23 percent) and flip flops (23 percent). What’s more, when the ... Read More »

10 Candy-Colored Shoes to Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

Everyone needs hobbies, but since working out is about as fun as getting a root canal and our idea of DIY-ing involves changing a light bulb, our hobby is collecting shoes. (OK, some people may call it hoarding, but let’s not get hung up on semantics.) For spring, candy-colored kicks are the holy grail. Any collector worth their Fred Slatten platforms has been eyeballing a pair of ... Read More »

14 Shoe Hacks That’ll Put Pep Back in Your Step

Pricey shoe repairs are for amateurs. We’re no MacGyver, but if you give us a hair dryer, a jar of petroleum jelly and a pair of pumps, we can hack our way out of just about any shoe dilemma. And guess what? So can you. It doesn’t take boatloads of money or hours of back-breaking tinkering, all you need is a ... Read More »