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The 10 Best New Fragrances for Spring 2015

We’re currently spring cleaning everything from our closets to our makeup brushes. And now, we’re switching it up in the fragrance department, too. It’s time to tuck away the heavy perfumes we’ve worn all winter and go for something lighter and fresher. Sure, we all have a signature scent we love, but seasonally, if our wardrobe is changing, then so should our hair, ... Read More »

10 Multitasking Beauty Products to Keep in Your Beauty Arsenal

Do you ever find yourself heading from work to happy hour and touching up your blush with a few dabs of lipstick? We’ve all been saved by a multipurpose product like a classic lippy — and we’ve come across some other pretty awesome hero items like this. These overachieving products help when you’re pressed for time, limited on space in that minaudière or when ... Read More »

Your Spring Wedding Hair Inspiration Guide Is Here

Wedding pictures are a one-time deal, so looking your best on the big day is an absolute must. It also goes without saying that every bride wants the perfect hair to complement the gorgeous wedding gown that has been chosen (because let’s be honest, all eyes will be on you). Whether you’re a beachside bride looking for a casual look or a glamorous ... Read More »

Springtime Perfume Oils to Add to Your Collection

We’ve seen perfume oils trickle out from our favorite brands over the past few years and they’re becoming our go-to for many reasons. Standard perfumes are alcohol-based, which makes the blend of notes smell intense at first, but last only a handful of hours before completely disappearing. This is because the alcohol causes the fragrance oils to evaporate much faster than ... Read More »

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes Properly

Cleaning your makeup brushes on a regular basis is an absolute must for reasons beyond basic hygiene. After multiple uses, bristles begin to build up with residual makeup, which makes them less effective when it comes to application and they become a home for bacteria that will take your skin to acne town. Professional makeup artists usually clean their brushes after ... Read More »

6 Mani-Pedi Nail Polish Pairings

When it comes to nail polish, matching your fingers and toes is very basic and completely boring (sorry!). There are so many colors out there, so don’t limit yourself to one. Mix it up for a more exciting new look! We know narrowing down your choices to just two shades can be extremely hard — especially if you’re the indecisive type. ... Read More »

From the Beauty Closet: An Overnight Treatment for the Best Hair Day Ever

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight Perfector, $28 at Living Proof Hair trends, from long and low ponytails to hair worn down, have one thing in common this season: natural, lived-in texture. Thank goodness because I’m ready to take a cue from the runways to embrace my hair’s natural texture and give my blow dryer a rest for a ... Read More »

9 Negative Space Manicure Ideas to DIY Now

A lot of times, DIY nail art that is beyond beginner level can end up disastrous, but luckily, this season’s manis have taken a turn toward the refined. Specifically, the negative space manicure has been gaining popularity and that means no more crazy designs and less room for error when it comes to painting. The key to perfecting the understated design ... Read More »

5 New Ways to Wear Eyeliner This Spring

Eyeliner enhances our lashes and defines our eyes, but this season it’s more about exploring new options. We’re talking bright lines, gold flecks and even ombre effects. There was also the Peter Philips mirrored creation seen on the Christian Dior runway that eventually made its way into our hands — and onto our eyes. So whether you’re using a classic black ... Read More »

12 Best Eyeshadow Palettes to Add to Your Collection This Spring

Spring is finally here and it’s time to switch up your makeup look. This season, we’re lusting after some new pretty eyeshadow palettes, a must for every well-stocked makeup bag. What’s not to love about cheerful colors that inspire a different eye look every day? Spring’s fresh crop is some of the best we’ve seen and each compact has something ... Read More »