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Grooming mistakes you might be making

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Grooming mistakes you might be making

Grooming mistakes you might be making


Sometimes we continue making mistakes we are not even aware of. Here are few mistakes most Indian men make

Personal hygiene is one of the most important aspects of being healthy. But when it comes to maintaining high standards of personal hygiene, most men end up making mistakes they don’t even know they are doing it. And it could lead to making a bad overall impression. So here’s what you should take care of:

Moisturiser: Most men think moisturizers are only to be used by women. But its time to change that thought process. Skin needs caring as well and using a moisturizer is your best bet. No one likes flaky skin.

Dampness: Most men take towel drying to lightly and go ahead getting dressed without drying the body properly. This can cause irritation in skin and fungal infection in certain areas of the body.

Sunscreen: Using sunscreen is yet another ignore zone for men leaving their skin exposed to sun. This can lead to premature aging and pigmentation on the forehead.

Diet: A proper diet not only means having prescribed balanced diet, but also means eating on time. And this is something most men ignore. Untimely eating can also lead to imbalance in body weight etc.

Toe hygiene: Men hardly ever take care of their feet. While that is changing, one needs to clean the toes and in between spaces regularly. Keeping your socks clean and changing them on regular short intervals is also a good idea.

Grooming mistakes you might be making