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How to be fashionable with no money

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How to be fashionable with no money

How to be fashionable with no money

An empty pocket, a yearning heart. That’s the story of every fashionista on a budget. Who doesn’t want to look good? But cash constraints stymie our wishes more often than not.

However, fashion is not always expensive. With a little bit of looking around and help, you can get a cheap yet fabulous wardrobe. Read on to find out how:

Ditch that brand fetish: It may be stating the obvious, but brands are expensive. So to start with, kill the your fetish for branded clothes. Start being reasonable and save cash.

Learn to sew: Contrary to popular belief, sewing isn’t rocket science. In fact, it is one of the most useful things one can ever learn. So if you have a basket full of discarded clothes with pulled out stitches, fix them yourself. Here’s a small and creative idea that you can apply. Pick up contrasting coloured threads to sew the hemlines. For instance, if you have a bright yellow shirt, sew its edges with a turquoise green thread.

Use old dupattas as scarves: Once they fade, dupattas find their way straight to the trash. But this item of clothing is more useful than you thought it was. You can use your old dupattas as scarves and team them with your tees and denims. They instantly add a spark to dull coloured tees.

Go funky with bandanas: If you like to accessorize, try a bandana. For a bohemian look, try a colourful bandana when you get into your gypsy pyjamas and a loose shirt.

Keep your eyes and ears open for sales: Annual or seasonal sales are the best time to transform your wardrobe. Off-season sales help you to stock up. All you need to do here is a little crystal ball-gazing.

Add loads of junk jewellery to your box of accessories: Hit the flea markets and pick up inexpensive jewellery. They could be anything from bangles to anklets. The best part about them is you can sport these with western as well as ethnic wear.

Redesign your worn-out tees: If there is a stack of old tees that you are about to use for floor mopping, drop the idea. Take a pair of scissors and get down to business. You can cut a few of them from the bottom and make new crop tops. Try asymmetrical cuts.

Bring white back: No, white is not boring and yes, it suits everybody. And you must have a white shirt because the classic combination of a white shirt and blue denims never goes out of fashion.

Online shopping: Some websites offer as big a discount as 70%-80%. So log out of your social networking profile for a while and go window shopping online one day. All you need to be sure of is your size, but thankfully, there are sites that offer a replacement within seven days.

Your trash is someone’s gold: It is not always unfortunate to have friends who are as broke as you. There must be some items of clothing in your wardrobe that you might dislike, but someone else might like and vice-versa. Take the old barter route and exchange. Who knows, your friend might just give you that red shrug that you have been eyeing for ages in return for that blue skirt you find too ugly to wear.

How to be fashionable with no money