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Krishna Chaturvedi

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Krishna Chaturvedi

Krishna Chaturvedi


Disciplined and dedicated, model Krishna Chaturvedi treats every project that comes his way as a fresh one. Says he, “I treat every project as my first only to deliver the best and make the most out of it.”

Van Heusen India Men’s Week 2011 gave him an opportunity to walk the runway for the likes of Varun Bahl, Krishna Mehta, Arjun Khanna, Rajesh P Singh, Study by Janak and Shantanu-Nikhil among others.

Here’s more on Krishna…

Campaigns/endorsements : I have endorsed brands like Levis, Tetra Pack, LO-real, Study by Janak and many more. Before VHIMW ’11, I did TV commercials for Mantra website and SnapDeal to name a few.

Fitness regime : Working out, I believe, should not be treated as body building which many do. Working out should be fun and not replicate a rigorous military training/exercise. I devote not more than two hours to working out and on days when I am shooting I cut the time span by 1 hour. I work out to be healthy and happy.

Diet plan : My morning begins with a glass of vegetable juice which I recommend to all for a healthy lifestyle. For breakfast I choose to have a bowl of skimmed milk coupled with white flakes or muesli. A filling morning meal keeps my body full of energy all day. Protein-rich food and citrus fruits define my diet scheme.

Oranges always accompany me when I am travelling. They keep me hydrated and fit. My lunch consists of chapattis, pulses and vegetables. Biscuits and protein shake are my snack in the evening. I strictly avoid rice at night.

Beauty tips : A simple and an effective rule that I follow is this “sleep well, eat well and work out well”.

Style statement: I wear whatever I like without compromising on the comfort factor.

Success mantra: I always draw my own boundaries and do not wish to measure my self-worth by comparison. I know my potential and improvise on it every day. For success to find you, you should find your ‘calling’ first and rest will follow.

Krishna Chaturvedi