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Three Fall Men’s Fashion Trends that Travel Well

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Three Fall Men’s Fashion Trends that Travel Well

Three Fall Men’s Fashion Trends that Travel Well

Top 3 Fall Men’s Fashion Trends that Travel Well..

The Chambray Shirt
A Chambray shirt may look like denim, but it’s actually a lightweight cotton that just commonly comes in blue. Historically, the chambray working man’s shirt of olden days gave us the phrase “blue collar,” so you shouldn’t be intimidated by the fancy name of the shirt. We think a charcoal or light grey chambray looks sharpest, though red and grey/blue are also excellent choices.

Chambray is an ideal shirt to travel with since it’s a button down that can be worn closed on its own, over a T-shirt as a light jacket, with a tie for slightly dressy occasions, or as an extra warmth layer beneath a winter coat. It looks best worn with tailored denim (no baggy jeans), khakis, corduroys of earthy tones and even slacks. Plus, it’s typically wash-and-dry so long as you don’t shrink it on hot wash. Above, L to R: J. Crew, Gap, J. Crew.

· Military Jacket
Military is huge for fall, but the important thing is not to go overboard. You don’t need to go to the nearest surplus store and invest in a vintage German parka or anything; the idea is military-inspired. A jacket with front pockets and a snap closure over the zipper works just fine, and Old Navy is even selling them this fall. You don’t even necessarily have to go olive or khaki with the jacket, as a navy or dark grey could be easier for the fashion timid.

A military-inspired jacket gets bonus points for the fact that it usually makes you look a little tougher, which can come in handy in environments with which you are unfamiliar. And stains just add to the garment’s character. Left to Right above, we have J. Crew, Old Navy, J. Crew.

The Workwear Bag
Owning and using a man bag is more than okay, it’s almost required these days, what with all the digital accessories one carries around (and can’t put in a back pocket). While traveling, a bag becomes even more important and it’s time to move beyond gym duffels and your old college backpack. Workwear bags are perfect since they aren’t totally leather (so they’re affordable), they are extremely durable, they are manly without being even remotely purse-like and, given their typical neutral color scheme, they look awesome with pretty much every outfit. Our friend has the Archival Flap Musette bag pictured below, in which he keeps his iPad, iPhone, headphones, a journal, a book, and whatever else. He swears by it and it looks great on him, plus it’s a wax-treated canvas, so it’s just as durable as leather and it ages just as beautifully.


Three Fall Men’s Fashion Trends that Travel Well